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Roots Vegan Skincare

Poppy Flower Bosque Reed Diffuser

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Our Bosque Diffusers are a new twist on reed diffusers. Instead of reeds we use beautiful wooden flowers to diffuse your chosen blends and we ONLY use pure unadulterated aromatherapy oils, the same ones we use in our skincare for optimum quality! Added to this we use the only VEGAN base on the market! The scent will be diffused for up to 4 months from a 90ml bottle! After a few weeks your flower will open even more and take on the beautiful golden colour of the oils!

Don't forget you can SAVE ££ with our refills! Refills are supplied in a regular bottle with an aluminium screw top.

Please note: 90ml is supplied in a 100ml injection style bottle with cork top and wooden flower reed. 45ml is provided in a regular 50ml bottle with an aluminium screw top and wooden flower reed. The bottles will not be full on arrival as we need to leave space in the top for your flower reed.

Extra reeds can be purchased separately.

Not sure which scent you prefer? Check out our Aroma Fusion Mini Collection which includes 1ml of each of our 5 different scents! (Please note these are to be used in a oil/wax burner with a tealight to decide which scents you prefer for our atomizers, burners, diffusers and hot body oils), they are a simple way to try all of our blends before purchasing full sized products, they are not for use in the Bosque diffuser itself as they are pure essential oils. You can however use them with our atomizers and burners.



Blended with French Lavender and Egyptian Rose-Geranium known to help with the following: SLEEP RELAXING. CALMING. STRESS. TENSION.

Scent: heavy, comforting floral.


Blended with Russian Clary Sage & Madagascan Ylang known to help with the following: HORMONE BALANCE. CONFIDENCE.

 Scent: floral and heady.


Our most festive scent, blended with Somali Myrrh and  Indian Frankincense used for the following: ENLIGHTENING. SPIRITUAL. DIVINE. SACRED.PURE. STRESS. GROUNDING

 Scent: warm and light with a hint of spice.


Blended with Indonesian patchouli and Sicilian orange known to help with the following: STRESS. TENSION. POSITIVITY.

 Scent: deep and earthy with a citrus top top.


Blended with Malawian Lemongrass and Sri-Lankan Ginger

known to help with the following: EXHAUSTION. FATIGUE. HANG OVER. JETLAG. STRESS.

 Scent: hot, lemony spice.

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