Our Philosophy

What Matters to Us

Raw Materials

Our policy on using raw materials is based on a holistic perspective which considers the ingredients we source in relation to nature and to people as a ‘whole’. Roots constantly monitors the market to search for and use organic, natural, raw, ethically sourced materials such as essential oils, vegetables oils, fats and actives. Our aim is to use ingredients that are as natural and organic as possible. We source ingredients which are cultivated without artificial fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. Our organic ingredients are certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) UK certifying body.

Ethically Sourced

We use and continue to source ingredients that are part of community fair-trade projects all over the world. By purchasing from small, family run businesses, this helps the local people to raise funds for schools and hospitals and in general gives them more control over their own lives, helping them to live a better quality, higher standard of life. We also buy from small scale businesses in our own area, helping local businesses, jobs and communities.


We do not use ingredients that will affect our environment and sustainability. For example, we will not use palm oil due to deforestation. In Malaysia and Indonesia palm oil production has destroyed vast areas of rainforest and left indigenous people displaced and impoverished. Palm oil growers have now turned their attention to the rainforests of Central Africa, where more than a half a million hectares of forest are imminently threatened. We only use ingredients that are Eco friendly and where possible we use biodegradable ingredients that do not affect our environment.

All of our products are handmade locally, hence reducing carbon foot print. Where possible we use Eco-friendly materials, such as recycled cardboard for postal packaging and biodegradable packaging ‘nuts’. With our ‘no frills’ packaging we can keep the costs down for you, meaning you only pay for the ingredients and get more for your hard-earned money. We recycle all of our glass containers and encourage all of our customers to do the same, in fact our containers are eternally recyclable. We are looking into offering a refill service in the near future.


We use and continue to source ingredients with high bio-availability. Bio-availability is the degree to which an ingredient becomes available to the target tissue after administration. Hence we use the maximum amounts of ingredients where possible, in the correct base to optimize absorbsion of ingredients to reach the epidermal layer where they will be most effective. For example an active ingredient at an optimal amount, in a base that is not suitable, will not be able to reach the target tissues as the molecules will be too large. The PH of your skin is slightly acidic and skincare need to be within a certain PH range to have a maximum effect. All of our products are PH tested.

100% Cruelty Free & Vegan

We do not use any ingredients that are tested on animals hence we are 100% animal friendly! We do not support the testing of raw materials or finished products on animals for any purpose and we welcome the European wide ban on the testing of cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients on animals. We are registered with PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies Program as 100% animal friendly and vegan. You can find Roots listed on PETA’s database at PETA.org.

That little bit extra

All of our products are designed with the finest natural and organic essential oils. Essential oils are like the blood system of plants. They contain hormones that mimic our own hormones. As well as our products being designed for specific skin types and problems, they are also designed for their mood enhancing qualities. These properties are listed under each item. Why use a product that is good for mature, dry skin if you can use one that will also uplift your mood?

100% Handmade

Our products are all handmade fresh to order and tested to the highest EU standards and legislation. We will always hand make our products, we will not revert to warehouse’s and machinery to produce more products unlike many. Our products are exclusive, we
give personal attention to all formulas therefore there may be a waiting list. We will endeavor to deliver your order as soon as possible and we are sure they will be worth the wait.


We use lots of raw, natural ingredients. If you have an allergy
please contact us before you order and we will do our best to help!