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Roots Vegan Skincare

Ocean & Earth Soak - Activar Salts

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Made with lashings of activated charcoal, Malawian lemongrass, epsom salts, Himalayan rock salts and Dead Sea salts to bring you our most 'acive' detoxifying formula. Perfect for those overworked muscles always on the go! Can be used as a body soak, foot soak or body/foot exfoliant. Unscented also available.

Scent: Hot citrus lemons. (Unscented option available).

Please note only glass bottles are supplied with matching ribbon.


Regular - glass bottle


Eco - biodegradable bag ready for decanting into your own clean, dry airtight container.

500g eco

1000g eco

Key Ingredients

MALAWIAN LEMONGRASS (scented version only)

Warming lemon-like essential oil for muscle aches and pains.

Draws out dirt and toxins, soothes muscle and joint inflammation.

Contains 21 minerals including magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride and bromide to enrich the skin. Draws out toxins and tones the skin.

Purifies and exfoliates the skin and is well known to help with muscle pain and inflammation. Draws out toxins and tones the skin.

LAVENDER FLOWERS (unscented only)

Calming botanical.

RICE FLOUR (unscented only)

Soothing botanical.

Directions & storage

Bathing: Add 250g to warm running bath water and soak for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Can also be used in a foot bath. Use once per week.

Exfoliating: Add to one of our Restoration treatments or our carrier oils to ground Ocean & Earth Salts. (Use a mortar and pestle for grounding). For a body scrub you will need around 30ml oil to 60g salts and for a foot scrub you will need 5ml oil to 10g salts. Mix together and massage into the skin using firm circular movements towards the heart. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of soap and warm water. Use 1-2x per month.

Drink plenty of water and moisturise the skin for at least 3 days after use.

Store in a cool, dark and dry area.

Customer Reviews

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Great for runners!

I purchased this from a vegan event in Manchester. I run marathons and add this to a bath, it really helps my aching muscles and joints. Thank you, Dan