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Roots Vegan Skincare

Jambu Te' Toning Milk

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Skin toning milk blended with Jambu extract, Hyaluronic acid and Pre-biotic chicory root. Suitable for mature skin and all skin types and sagging skin.


Active Ingredients:

    • Jambu extract (restructures, firms and smooths).

    • Hyaluronic acid (volume and wrinkle filler).

    • Macerated calendula (healing).

    • Vitamin E antioxidant (mops up free radicals).

    • Pre-biotic chicory root (replaces bad bacteria with friendly bacteria on the skin).

More information;

Jambu Te' Toning Milk is suitable for mature skin and all skin types and sagging skin. It has been designed with a 100% natural, plant-derived active ingredient which has been proven to restructure, firm and smooth the face and body - Jambu. Dubbed 'natures botox' it inhibits contractions in subcutaneous muscles of the face. Jambu plant is cultivated in South Africa by a cooperative of local farmers. The buds of the flower are collected to produce the extract, and the plant remains unharmed in the process. Jambu is then formulated in France, well known for their excellent quality cosmetic raw materials!


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Other ingredients chosen for their toning, contouring, hydrating, sebum balancing, anti-comedonegic and restorative properties: Hyaluronic acid, Calendula (Macerated Marigold Flowers), Pre-biotic Chicory Root, Aloe Vera crystals, Vitamin E antioxidant, Organic Moroccan Argan and Organic Chinese May Chang, Organic Indian Palmarosa and Indonesian Patchouli Essential oils.

The essential oils in this product are generally used by aromatherapists for; stress, fatigue.

Scent: Earthy, warm lemons.

Tags: dry, oily, normal, aging, dehydrated, sagging, aging.

Key Ingredients

The ‘holy grail of skin hydrators.

Restructures, smoothes and firms the skin.

Replaces any bad bacteria with friendly bacteria on the skin.

Essential oil to balance the skin.

Directions & storage

After cleansing spray onto cotton (preferably organic) and wipe over entire face, neck and decollete areas removing all traces of cleanser.
Follow with Roots moisturiser. Use twice daily. Store in a cool, dark and dry area.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sheila Stretton
Just amazing

Been using Jambu on a very regular basis, great improvement in my skin.

Worth it

I love the routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising with Roots hand made products. The scent is so relaxing and leaves my skin feeling nicely moisturised.

Tracey N
My favourite toner

A must for anyone wishing to tone and hydrate their skin at the same time. I have mature, combination skin and this toner seems to completely balance my oily t-zone and hydrate my dry areas all at the same time. Can highly recommend Roots Jambu Te' toning milk!

Moisturised skin!

This is super moisturising, leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft!

Premium skincare range!

Handmade products that feel and work like premium products. My skin is no longer oily, I am more like combintion/normal skin type now thanks to Roots products :)