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Roots Vegan Skincare

Indian peppermint Essential Oil

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10ml glass bottle with dropper stopper.


10ml glass bottle with dropper stopper.


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products and services: We provide skin, hair, body and pet care products.

  • We supply our products usually in two sizes and in two different types/ranges ? regular range and ?naked? zero waste range.

  • We provide a refill service with extra-large sizes for eco stores.

  • We offer white label and private label services.  LINK

  • The zero-waste range and refill service are supplied with basic labelling only ? a white label with the name of the product, batch and expiry date in black text. All other information (directions, ingredients etc) can be provided (online or printed) and must be provided by the seller at the point of sale (online or instore).

  • Lead times: smaller orders usually take around 4-6 weeks and large orders around 8-10 weeks. We do not have to wait for supplies from other countries as our suppliers are UK based.

  • Shelf life: All products are made fresh to order and have a shelf life of at least 6-8 months depending on the product.

  • Minimum order: quantity - x10 of one type of product and minimum order of ?250+, ?500+ or ?1000+. Refill range no minimum order quantity. Private label range minimum order 500+.

Sale or return: Due to the nature of our products we do not usually accept returns for hygiene reasons. Our products also have a short shelf life hence upon return we would not have a lot of time to resell them. However, we can offer SOR for the products; with at least 8 months shelf life; are covered well and



Directions & storage

Please see individual products for descriptions.

Store in a cool, dark and dry area.

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