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Roots Vegan Skincare

Cristal Orbe Rollers

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Brand new for March 2024!

Our brand new custom made Cristal Orbe Rollers not only contain mother natures precious crystals and stones, the roller is made from them too and they are infused with oils and active ingredient formulas with therapeutic essential oils!

A double concentration of therapeutic properties!

STEP 1: Choose your crystals/stones depending on their therapeutic properties.

STEP 2: Choose your favourite blend depending on their therapeutic properties.

An ideal travel companion whether you are on the daily commute or around the world trip. Secret Essential Oil Perfume can be easily applied throughout the day during stressful situations and tense times, making it easier than ever to experience aromatherapy when you need it most.

Easy to use: To release the aromatherapy, roll onto temples, wrists and nape of the neck.

  • Pocket Size
  • Therapeutic properties
  • Easy to apply

Crystal options:

Green aventurine for Luck, Spirituality.

Red jasper for Confidence.

Clear rock quartz for Intuition, Healing, Protection, Balance emotion.

Black tourmaline for Spirituality, Healing.

Blue sodalite for the immune system, creativity and communication.

Blend Options:

Sabia: Aphrodisiac, hormone balance

Scent: sweet, heady and earthy.

Picante: Healing, exhaustion, fatigue, hang over, jet lag.

Scent: Hot lemons with a hint of spicy ginger.

Lavanda: Calming, balancing, sleep.

Scent: heady and floral.

Santo: Enlightening, grounding, sacred.

Scent: A masculine scent of spicy woods.

Detox: Detoxifying.

Scent: Fresh and light with a fruity note.


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