About Us

From a dream to reality

It all started 24 years ago when a family member introduced me to aromatics. Intrigued, I went on to complete a 4-year course in Holistic therapies and I obtained six diplomas in the field..

​Later I went to live in Egypt, the land of the pharaohs where I felt particularly drawn to. Being there among the ancient ruins and Bedouin people confirmed my thoughts on using natural and organic ingredients and ‘going back to your Roots’. How can the Ancient Egyptians mummify a human body and preserve it for thousands of years with only natural ingredients.. It all made sense, everything we need is already here on Earth, for sickness, pleasure, medicine, food and cosmetics. We just need to find it.

Roots Handmade was born

As well as practicing different massage techniques and holistic therapies, for years I have been formulating handmade natural and organic cosmetics for the skin, body and hair and now have 19+ years’ experience in blending ingredients. I have designed, blended and tested thousands of skincare blends and have designed what I believe to be the ultimate formulas anyone should ever need. These blends all adhere to UK and European standards and have been tested by leading UK toxicology laboratories who have performed testing for well-known brands across the globe. Our portfolio of skincare keeps on growing as we invest our time, expertise and effort into creating the most advanced sustainable skincare for you, your family and even your pets. Roots Handmade was born as a small enterprise and a woman-owned business with a belief in sustainability for a brighter tomorrow

The future of skincare,
Means we must go back..
To our ‘Roots’…


Designing Formulas

Blending formulas is not simply about mixing ingredients together, it is an art in it’s own right. It takes skill, precision, professionalism and education to create the perfect blends suitable for everyone. An in-depth knowledge of chemical constituents, the make-up of ingredients, reputable suppliers and anatomy and physiology is paramount for formulas to work efficiently.